Home visit

Dog psychology

If you haven't already, you would first need to check with your vet that there is no physiological cause for the problem and request a
referral. Then you complete a questionnaire about you and your pet to be returned prior to your appointment. The home visit behaviour consultation itself last 1 ½ to 3 hours. Ideally everyone that has dealings with your pet should be present. A home visit allows us to meet you and your pet in your normal environment, in order to see how you all interact and obtain everyone's perspective. We take a full and detailed case history and, if appropriate, we may go for a walk. We provide some on-the-spot advice and information sheets where needed. This ties in with a tailor-made report you receive soon after the consultation, which is later copied to your vet. The report outlines the reasons behind the problem and describes a step-by-step behaviour modification plan for you to work through with your pet.

After that, we are available for telephone, online video and/or email follow-up support for up to 6 months.  Following this, we can chat about other services that may be suitable for you and your pet. 

The total cost for a home visit is dependent upon where you live and whether you would like our senior behaviourist or an associate behaviourist to lead your consultation. We charge according to a zonal system to account for travel costs, so the total cost starts at £300.  If you are outside of these zones, it will be more.  Have a look at our services table for more information.

Sometimes the initial session, report, remote support and some hard work on your part are sufficient. However, we do offer follow-up home visits if you require them for an extra fee.  

Alternatively, you may be interested in our monthly behavioural clinics for the entire consultation process.

Note that you may be able to claim back the fees from your pet insurance company, but you will need to check with them first that your pet's insurance policy covers behaviour work.

You can book an appointment online here or by contacting us directly.  It's important that you understand what your responsibilities and what our responsibilities are if you choose this service - read through the key facts about this service before you book.