A cat with a lion's shadow

We run behaviour clinics on a monthly basis in Birmingham and Walsall.  It is perfect for those in the surrounding areas who want a straightforward, affordable solution.  You would first need to check with your vet that there is no physiological cause for the behaviour problem and request a referral. Then you complete a questionnaire about you and your pet to be returned prior to your appointment.

We offer 2-hour appointments, depending on the problems involved and what you desire. This is sufficient for us to make an initial assessment of your pet’s behaviour and provide you with some management strategies. 

Moreover, you receive detailed resources specific to your pet’s problems for you to work through and 6 months’ remote follow-up support via telephone and email. You can always also come back to the following month’s clinic at a reduced price, or fit into some of our other services.  

It may be harder to get to the bottom of the problem without a home visit, but our clients have found these clinics to be very useful to help them cope better and understand what's going on. If you have a cat or a parrot, we ask that you leave your pet at home, as they find unfamiliar environments stressful. Any diagrams, photos and/or videos of your home and your pet’s behaviour, without putting them under any stress, would be very helpful.

The fee is £200 for the initial consultation, then any 1-hour follow-ups at the clinic are £40.  It's important that you understand what your responsibilities and what our responsibilities are if you choose this service - read through the key facts about this service before you book.

You can book an appointment online here or by contacting us.