Sadie, Julie & Mark


You have done everything in a very compassionate and non-judgemental way; an approach that we have really appreciated.

You have provided us with sound advice when we needed it most and have been very responsive and supportive in times of crisis.  You took time to understand the character of our dog and followed this with a clearly articulated strategy for improving her behaviour, ensuring that her needs were met as well as ours.  Most importantly, you have given us a much greater understanding of our pet’s behaviour so that these improvements will be sustainable over her whole life.  

We have really enjoyed working with you.  We were at our wits end with Sadie’s behaviour this time last year and, without your support and guidance, would have been in a position where we would have considered re-homing her.  We are so pleased with the improvement that you have helped bring about and look forward to many happy years with our lovely beagle.

Thank you so much for everything you have done and for improving our lives with Sadie.

Julie & Mark