Pebbles & family

Pebbles the dog

Pebbles is just wonderful!  Thank you ever so much for your help and support - we couldn't believe the improvements with her after just one week.

Now a few months later we are pleased to report that Pebbles has made remarkable progress - we have a newfound confidence! When before she became extremely anxious when left alone, now we find Pebbles will often settle down on the mat or sofa and just wait quietly. We have returned to her being pretty calm and relaxed, although on one occasion she did put all the sofa cushions on the floor first to make herself more comfortable! Whilst on her walks she is now getting plenty of run-time on the training lead and loves to play fetch games. Socialising with other dogs is increasing and Pebbles seems much more comfortable with all kinds of breeds now. Pebbles loves people and she is also improving when we have visitors. There is still more work that needs to be done for her greetings, but she has definitely improved in this area.

All in all, we are so pleased with Pebbles' progress! Your visit came at a crucial time and helped us focus on what steps we needed to take first, so thank you.  We seriously couldn't have wished for a better service!  We were honestly at our wits end and at a loss with how to cope. From day one of meeting you, we felt reassured and more confident in understanding Pebbles' needs and how to integrate her into family life.