Kizzy, Gyp, Barry & Hilary

Kizzy the dog

We have put a lot of Zoe's advice into practice and Kizzy has turned into a lovely and very loving dog. Things with her and our older dog, Gyp, are much better and no further incidents.

We continue to walk them together, but without risk.  Both go to kennels when we have breaks where we can't take them with us and show no hassle/anxiety when we leave them, although they are both pleased to see us when we return.

Kizzy's impulse control over food has improved greatly.  She now sits and waits patiently while we sort her food out, put it on the floor and doesn't move until we tell her. All in all though we are managing really well!

Kizzy's so affectionate it's unbelievable and there are two elderly ladies in the village who make a beeline for her when they see her to give her a fuss and let her kiss them, on the face too!  Her reaction to joggers and cyclists is now just a long look, no pulling or wanting to join them as before and she just carries on walking, no break in stride etc.

Zoe's advice has made us more aware and conscious of what we do with both, not just Kizzy.

Best wishes,

Barry & Hilary