Finn & Deborah

Finn the cat

Zoe has been really down to earth, approachable, and persistent - even at those times I was ready to give up.  

I had a longstanding worry with my male cat urinating in the house and vocalising a lot.  I was overwhelmed. This was a complex situation.  The home assessment and report was great, and then lots of practical advice, written advice, follow up calls and solutions have followed.  The issue is much improved and we continue to talk about ways to make my cat's experience and mine better.  

It is an affordable service.  I sincerely wish that I would have approached as soon as the behaviour began. 

Part of the process is my cat having a health assessment with the vet before her consultation, and this was a wonderful thing because he did have some health needs. Zoe really benefitted from understanding his physical health needs to give us the best advice. 

Zoe even helped us to learned clicker training!  My cat loves it.