Echo the dog

I do think that if we had not had help Echo wouldn't be with us today, so this service has been fabulous! With the behaviour plan in place and lots of hard work from us as a family we now have a more relaxed dog.  

Echo shows nervous aggression whenever people come near him.  The overall consultation process has helped us as a family to understand Echo a lot better and why he acts like he does at times.  The behaviour plan is always on hand to help us in certain areas with Echo and it works so long as we all stick to it, which we do.  

Without Zoe coming to see us and organising a behaviour plan for our border collie, I feel I would have had to rehome him.  We still have a long way to go, but we now know Echo and how he reacts in situations and why so we can quickly defuse it.   

A wonderful service from Second Nature knowing we can call Zoe at any time is so reassuring.  Thank you Second Nature and Zoe -  so friendly and understanding!

Thanks for all your help!