Alfie, Mary, Michael & Chris

Alfie the dog

We were a little apprehensive going to the meeting with Zoe, but we shouldn't have been as she made us feel at ease very quickly.  We were amazed at how quickly Alfie settled.  The suggestions Zoe made were easy to follow.

Some of the things we were already doing and others just simple things like closing the kitchen blind have helped enormously.   When you have a puppy/dog, you don't realise how easy it is to give out crossed signals and they obviously respond, affecting their behaviour.  It was really interesting and once at home and going through the training booklet; well I think it is worth anyone who takes charge of a new pet to seek out advice from a behaviourist like Zoe, because it could prevent many problems from occurring.

We are really pleased we decided to see Zoe and are trying our very best to put in place the suggestions she has made. Alfie's behaviour is improving already, although we realise there is never a quick fix. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Zoe and the practice to anyone who needed the service.

Best wishes,

Mary, Michael & Chris